Thank you for your interest in applying to the Kenosha Public Market. We are a farm, food, and craft market place. We showcase locally-grown fruits, vegetables, and locally-sourced value added products. We also have artisan quality crafts and local hot food vendors. We prioritize vendors that use locally sourced foods and materials. Each vendor at the market makes, bakes, grows or raises their product. If you can answer yes to one of the following category types, please proceed to STEP 2.


  1. Farmers/Food Processors: Vendors who are actively involved and invested in the planting, growing and harvesting of agricultural product on owned, leased, rented, or share-cropped land in the United States of America, but preferentially in the Midwestern Region, with seasonal exceptions to allow for fruit and vegetables to bridge unavailability. This vendor type includes ranchers, dairymen, and fishermen. This category also includes vendors who sell value-added products made from their own farms’ products. ​

  2. Processed Foods: Vendors who sell foods that they have personally prepared or processed. Food Processors offer ‘hands on’ processing of fresh food products, such as, prepared meats (jerky), baked goods, condiments, jams, etc., that have added value to their product through some sort of “hands on” processing. 

  3. Made to Order-Food To Go: Vendors who offers freshly made foods             onsite or in commercial kitchens, available for immediate consumption and/or pick up. Food consumption is not allowed on site while the Kenosha County Kickstart Guidelines are in effect.

  4. Fair Trade Products: Vendors who offers products designed to support sustainable development of small producer organizations and agricultural workers in developing countries.

  5. Artist/Crafter: All art/craft products must be handcrafted in the community by using tools and equipment to produce their product that require skill, personal handling, and or/manipulation.  

The following will NOT be accepted at our markets:

  • Commercial & Imported Items

  • Franchises/Chains

  • Multi-level Marketing

  • Mass produced products

  • Carnival Type Foods

  • No religious or political affiliated organizations

  • Nationally distributed package foods

  • Secondhand items (exception: those vendors who take a secondhand item and recycle/upcycle that item into a new use)

  • Live Animals

Vendors whose products or practices place them in more than one category are subject to all the requirements of each category. The category in which such vendors are officially placed, and their associated rates, will be determined by the vendor committee.


As a potential vendor, we are confident you have many questions. To help guide you, we have created a document that clearly outlines our rules, regulations, and important information you should know about becoming a vendor. It is essential to read and understand the rules.

  1. Kenosha Public Market Rules

  2. Kenosha County Division of Health Temporary Restaurant Checklist

  3. Kenosha Fire Department

If you have read ALL of the above Kenosha Public Market rules, proceed to STEP 3.


The application form must be completed and submitted in one sitting or the information will be lost. Before you begin filling out the application please review it in its entirety. Make sure that you have all your documents, certificate, pictures and marketing logos, etc., in electronic form (pdf or jpg for example), and on hand as once you have started filling out the application form you will not be able to save a form in progress and then return later to finish it. 

MARKET DATE SELECTION - Only select the days you plan on attending. Once a vendor is approved for market dates they are obligated to attend and pay for all scheduled market days. See Kenosha Public Market Rules for attendance rules. Attendance tracking begins with the first scheduled market day. Exceptions may be made on a case by case basis for seasonal delays for agriculture vendors.

You are ready for STEP 4!


Please review your application to ensure accuracy and make sure all fields are filled. Verify that insurance files, pictures & logo are uploaded. Each season we will ask for new uploads so that we have the newest files to feature in our marketing and the most current insurance information.

Once you submit your application you will not have access to your application and changes cannot be made by the vendor.


We will send status notifications via your email address:

(1) for successful submission of the application.

(2) notification of approval, waitlisted or denied status.


Depending on when your application is submitted, which market, and the type of product you are applying to sell, it may take up to 14 days to have your application juried.

On to STEP 5.


Kenosha Public Market (KPM) is committed to creating a diverse marketplace with the highest quality, locally-produced products available.

All applications are juried in consideration of the following criteria:

  • Product/Service Quality-100 % Grown, Made or Baked by Applicant

  • Flavor & Food Safety (Prepared & Processed Food)

  • Presentation/Packaging/Product Appeal

  • Originality / Creativity

  • Value to the Market

Upon approval, a confirmation email will be sent with an invoice and payment is due upon receipt of the invoice.

Vendors have the following payment method options:

  • Credit Card (payment available online)

  • Check ($25 returned check fee)

If you are paying by check, please make payable to:

Kenosha Public Market
Attn: Treasurer
6633 Green Bay Road

Kenosha, WI 53142

Please review Kenosha Public Market for partial payment requests.

Please have the following information on hand and/or in digital format. Once the application is started, it cannot be saved.

In order to submit your application you must have:

  • Certificate of Liability Insurance in the amount of $1M naming Kenosha Public Market, Inc.  

    • Office: 6633 Green Bay Road, Kenosha, WI  53142

  • Pictures of the product(s) you are selling. Digital photos of your product, booth, and logo (if available). These will be used in your vendor profile page on our website. Horizontal format is best and PNG or JPEG is accepted.

All required fields must have accurate information entered.

Incomplete forms will not be processed. All products must be approved by the KPM Board each year. Please provide detailed descriptions of all vendor items.The information you submit with this application must clearly show the quality and/or expertise of what you plan to sell.

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